Cathedrals, the sound of light


The first concert by voice-in-residence Sigrid Hausen and her ensemble VocaMe will set St. Rumbold's Cathedral ablaze with a programme in honour of the magnificent architecture and spiritual power of cathedrals.

The parts of the famous Tournai Mass form the columns of an imaginary musical edifice. Echoing between them are the sounds of religious music from France and Germany, including pieces from the Huelgas Codex and the Codex Calixtinus.

Michael Popp will give a free introduction at 19:00 in CC Mechelen, with background information about the Cathedrals programme. He plays several instruments, and is a member of VocaMe as well as ensembles including Estampie and the Al Andaluz Project. As a specialist in mediaeval instruments, he is the driving force behind countless projects that breathe new life into the music of the Middle Ages.

Sigrid Hausen, mezzo
Sarah M. Newman, soprano
Petra Noskaiova, mezzo
Gerlinde Sämann, soprano
Michael Popp, instruments & direction

20:15 — 21:30

Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, Onder-den-toren 12, Mechelen

40% gothic
30% pure
30% mysticism

Religious music from the Huelgas Codex, the Codex Calixtinus and others.

Cultural Centre Mechelen

22 euro
-26: 12 euro
Last tickets: T.015 26 23 41 of at the concert register.