Karima el Fillali & Jamil al Asadi


LUNALIA is a festival full of stories with their roots in timeless music. Something new for this year is a trail of stories and fairy tales that winds its way through the festival. On 28 April, there are no less than four magical moments to experience. Meet Polina Tserkassova, one of the best storytellers in the world. And discover fairy tales from Estonia, Russia, Morocco, Argentina... and Mechelen, of course! With storytellers Maja Jantar, Jamil al Asadi and Gustave Min, as well as the musicians Gabriel Rivano, Karima el Fillali and Jurgen De Bruyn, the muses are in good hands.

The venues are every bit as unique as the stories. What is more, they are all within easy reach of each other. So you can comfortably combine several shows in one afternoon.

Karima el Fillali (singer) & Jamil al Asadi (qanun)

16:00 — 17:00

Empress House
Korenmarkt 6
2800 Mechelen

50% magic
30% kids
20% mysterious places

Suitable for children aged 4 to 99. Each show lasts about 45 minutes. Please note: Polina Tserkassova tells her stories in English. The other stories and fairy tales are in Dutch.

6 euro/each fairy tale