Voice in residence Sigrid Hausen

Voice in residence Sigrid Hausen’s studies included a stint in Salzburg with Nikolaus Harnoncourt at the Mozarteum. She specialized in singing and historical performance practice. It was from this perspective that she became a joint founder of Estampie (which specialises in medieval music) and the vocal ensemble VocaMe (whose programmes focus on great women in the history of music), and also the avant-garde pop group Qntal (under the name Syrah), a well-known group in the world of Gothic and New Wave.


24. 04 VocaMe - Cathedrals: de klank van licht

25.04 VocaMe - Kassia, de ster van Byzantium

26.04 VocaMe - Hildegard von Bingen: liederen en visioenen

27.04 Qntal - Een moonparty vol nachtbloemen