A project of Festival of Flanders Mechelen

On Thursday, December 7 at 7 p.m., St. Peter and Paul Church in Mechelen will open its doors to welcome musical talent. This through a new project of Festival of Flanders Mechelen: The Warmest Night of Talent. This project is part of the context of Mechelen keeps you warm. The programME features four ensembles and artists presenting their warmest musical project.

Sweete Devils, with countertenor Korneel Van Neste and Justin Glaie on theorbo, takes you into the story of the Flemish Theorbe, from painting to instrument, in music. Duo Apus presents a preview of their latest project Ecoduct, featuring saxophonist Andrea Van Acker and cellist Alexandre Bughin. And tubist Berlinde Deman lets you discover the melancholy sounds of the serpent during her improvisation on serpent with electronics. Finally, organist Tom Van Der Plas and dancer Oona Van Aken join forces for the premiere of Axis Mundi with music by Philip Glass and J.S. Bach.

Curious? Read the entire programme here and register for free by emailing mechelen@festival.be.