Cappella Amsterdam

Rachmaninovs Vespers

Rachmaninov’s monumental Vespers is one of the most beautiful and impressive a capella works for choir ever composed. It is based on old Russian Orthodox melodies and is especially popular because of its dramatic setting, symphonic range and great virtuosity. Rachmaninov called the work Vsénoshchnoye bdéniye, or “Wake for the whole night”. In concert form, it does not take a whole night, although this masterpiece does seem to make time stand still.

“Reuss brings Vespers to life with serene, silvery sopranos and delicately rocking polyphony, but also in the recurrent Alleluia with its dynamic drive towards a climax, a massive, angelic choir of human children (...). Reuss conducts as if he is trying to blow a sacred wind, the Ruach, into his choir.” – Lidy van der Spek, Leidsch Dagblad.

Cappella Amsterdam o.l.v. Daniel Reuss

20:15 — 21:45

Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, Onder-den-toren 12, Mechelen

40% night music
40% spirituality
20% top choir

Sergej Rachmaninov Vespers

22 euro (-26: 12 euro)


EXTRA - SUN 12.05 - 17:00 > 18:30
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