Jazz XL

How town & mòs ensemble

How Town’s music is jokingly described as ‘contemporary multi-style post-pop music’. The international ensemble was born of the need to inject pop with the richness of classical music and the freedom of jazz. Their first album was a suite of music based on the poem Anyone lived in a pretty how town van e.e.cummings. The ensemble always searches for ways to give the listener an experience that is as unique as possible.

"{…} for people who want to hear a jazzy sensibility combined with feisty folk and playful pop."

Mòs Ensemble is a Ghent-based jazz and improvisation group that works with compositions and concepts by its bassist, Kobe Boon. Their first album, X, is a mixture of East European choir songs, Stereolab’s groovy krautpop and the saxophonic fury of Rashaan Roland Kirk. It is an unguarded recording that sometimes invites you beyond the end of the rainbow to a gentle place of contemplation and delight. At times it delves into provincial exotica, at other times it is hypnotic and cerebral. Anyone who appreciates a proliferation of wild undergrowth - mystical and gently enchanting, organic and strange, abstract and yet human - is bound to enjoy this concert.


Eline Silova, Laura Polence, Sarah Klenes, vocals
Matiss Cudars, guitar
Lennart Heyndels, double bass

Astrid Creve, Marta Del Grandi, vocals
Ambroos De Schepper, Benjamin Hermans, sax
Artan Buleshkaj, guitar
Kobe Boon, double bass
Simon Raman, drums

19:00 — 21:00

Nona arts centre
Begijnenstraat 19


50 % new jazz
50% adventure

Kunstencentrum nona

Combiticket for both concerts: 15 euro (-26: 13 euro)