Nazanin Fakoor

Rainbow (music theatre)

To create her music theatre piece Rainbow, the artist Nazanin Fakoor took on The Conference of the Birds, a literary masterpiece by the Persian mystic poet Farid ud-Din Attar. In Attar’s story, thousands of birds search for Simorgh, the mythical bird that symbolises the truth. After many hardships on their journey, only 30 birds reach the end of their quest. Only then do they realise that they themselves are the Si (thirty) morgh (birds). This beautiful poetry provides the basis for the libretto of Rainbow. The Iranian composer Aftab Darvishi (Tenso Young Composers Award 2016) has written a new composition, performed live by the Swara Ensemble in a mobile installation that - literally - reflects our differences and multiple identities. In this way, Fakoor ‘reflects’ on the myth of a clear-cut national identity and the celebration of difference.

Nazanin Fakoor, concept and installation
Aftab Darvishi, composition
Swara Vocal Ensemble cond. by Ivan Yohan
Marion Bauwens, soprano
Sarah Verhoeven, soprano
Anna Nuytten, mezzo-soprano
Imogen Streul, mezzo-soprano
Hendrik Mispelon, tenor
Kevin Skelton, tenor
Dody Soetanto, baritone
Andrés Soler Castaño, bass
Tobias Kokkelmans, dramaturgy

16:00 — 17:30

Nona arts centre
Begijnenstraat 19


30% rainbow
30% birds
20% Persia
20% adventure

Kunstencentrum nona, Lunalia, C-Takt and Workspacebrussels

15 euro (-26: 13 euro)