While we live - A compass to each other

Andrea Voets, Sarah Jeffery, Evi Filippou

Young people in many European countries are experiencing severe levels of loneliness and depression. Ten years ago, musical journalist Andrea Voets went in search of a connected way of life. She found her way to Greece, where she felt welcomed and at ease among countless strangers. How do the Greeks do it, in the midst of a deep economic crisis? In While We Live, we experience Andrea's 'social road trip' all around Greece. The result of her trip allows everyone in search of a different social perspective to find the way towards connection, in a collective experience for the musicians and the audience. This documentary concert was featured in the NRC’s list of ‘best classical music of 2020’. The film version has won several international film prizes.

music & composition:
Andrea Voets, harp
Sarah Jeffery, recorders
Evi Filippou, percussion

video: Myrto Papadogeorgou - Drastic

concept, artistic director: Andrea Voets

20:15 — 21:30

Nona arts centre - golden hall
Begijnenstraat 27


20% documentary
20% concert
30% Greece
30% connection

Kunstencentrum nona

16 euro (-26: 12 euro)