WORLD PREMIERE Hear the voice!

Under the intriguing, metaphorical name The Karma Project, Sigrid Hausen and Michael Popp have brought together a group of exceptional musicians, singers and performers for the première of Hear the Voice!, a directed concert inspired by the Indian Mahabharata. In musical terms, Popp and Hausen seek out both polyphonic and dark, gothic sounds, combining the invocatory tones of Indian musical instruments with singing and electronic soundscapes. Hear The Voice! promises to be an experience on multiple levels, in a category of its own.

​EXTRA CONCERT On Solitude on May 7

Armed only with his viola da gamba and the power of the spoken and sung word, Thomas Baeté tackles feelings of loneliness. He finds them in the music of Purcell and Barbara, and in literary and philosophical texts by Michel de Montaigne, among others. In the prestigious framework of the Tapestry De Wit, the artist seeks connection with the public.

Extended due to success! There will be an additional concert on Sunday, May 7 at 11am. Hurry to the ticket sales.


The leading German ensemble Sjaella will present the Belgian première of their new project, Meridians, at Lunalia. With their voices, life and limbs, they seek out the connection between people and the songs of their homeland. Sjaella takes the listener on a journey through the mysteries of various cultures in new arrangements of folk songs from all over the world.

Teaser LUNALIA with Lieselot De Wilde

Experience timeless music with the power of the full moon during Lunalia, from 22 April to 7 May, in Mechelen! On 7 March, you could enjoy the full moon on top of St Rombout's Tower. Enjoy the video! Lieselot De Wilde presented a teaser of her first solo creation Figurine at the top of the tower. To be experienced on 5 May during LUNALIA!