This was the power of LUNALIA, You'll never be alone anymore. Thanks for listening!

The festival edition in honor of composer Karel Goeyvaerts is over. With over 100 artists from 12 different countries, 18 concerts, 3 world premieres, 4 creations, the pop-up exhibition Goeyvaerts Reflected, the grand opening party LUNALIA LIFT OFF with 12 additional performances and ensemble in residence I SOLISTI, Festival of Flanders Mechelen once again brought timeless music with the power of the full moon to thousands of listeners. 4821 visitors found their way to the festival this year. Thank you for listening!

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Festival photographers Frank Emmers and Edwin Thys brought out their best lenses to capture the festival. View all photos here.

Teaser LUNALIA with Lieselot De Wilde

On 7 March, you could enjoy the full moon on top of St Rombout's Tower. Enjoy the video! Lieselot De Wilde presented a teaser of her first solo creation Figurine at the top of the tower.


Relive Lunalia Lift Off with I SOLISTI, Niniwe, Warre Borgmans, Annemarie Peeters, MATRIX, InCanto Vocale, Quetzal Duo, Mechels Kamerorkest, Emma Posman, Jeroen Keymeulen, Vivente Voce, Dulcisona and Beauverlet choir. We thank all 2053 visitors to the opening party for enjoying live music in Mechelen along with the artists so numerous.