A history of the voice


A History of the Voice is a madcap composition by Jennifer Walshe. It rattles through the history of the voice at breakneck speed, along with a firework display of questions. Why do questions and answers matter? Why does everyone need to shout PARTY!? Why should everyone in the audience start talking to Siri right now? And what is all that groaning for in Je t’aime, moi non plus? The HYOID ensemble commissioned this work from the composer and turned it into their signature piece in no time at all. This is a vocal journey you have to experience live at least once in your life.

Expect an off-the-beaten path workshop inspired by the routine warm-up of our voice-historians: Els Mondelaers, Fabienne Seveillac, Andreas Halling and Tiemo Wang. Everyone, including cats or houseplants, is welcome to join and welcome to join their holistic vocal practices and an open discussion to follow.

More info: Presentation History of the Voice - HYOID

"The ‘grain' is the body in the voice as it sings, the hand as it writes, the limb as it performs... shall not judge a performance according to the rules of interpretation...but according to the image of the body given to me."

- Roland Barthes, "The Grain of the Voice"

Els Mondelaers
Fabienne Seveillac
Andreas Halling
Tiemo Wang
Wannes Gonnissen, sound engineer

20:30 — 21:45

85% voice
15% humour

Kunstencentrum nona

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Topic: Hyoid Lunalia
Time: May 6, 2021 20:30 Brussels

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