Back in Harmony

The King's Singers

The renowned King's Singers spent the past year reflecting on the unifying element of singing. They went in search of the roots of close harmony. Thanks to Lunalia, you can exclusively enjoy a recording of this search. The program includes music from Thomas Tallis to The Beatles. For the King's there is no doubt that music is our common language and that throughout history people have been connected by singing. Their quest for harmony is also a search for how we resonate with our fellow man and our blue planet.

Download the programme here.

The complete recording of the programme Back in Harmony of The King's Singers is only available on 29 April exclusively via the YouTube Channel of Lunalia, between 10 am and 10 pm.
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Patrick Dunachie - countertenor
Edward Button - countertenor
Julian Gregory - tenor
Christopher Bruerton - baritone
Nick Ashby - baritone
Jonathan Howard - bass

10:00 — 22:00

100% harmony

Free & online concert
Exclusive via between 10:00 en 22:00 on 29 April

Listen to the playlist of this concert here: