Cascade / Arcade

Naomi Beeldens & Maarten Buyl

CASCADE | ARCADE is a two-part performance for voices, percussion and live electronics. In Cascade, the soloist engages in dialogue with her own voice. In Arcade, four soloists plus recordings of a children’s choir and live electronics shape an idiosyncratic landscape of sound. One of the undertones is Robert Southey’s poem The Cataract of Lodore that portrays the waterfall in words. “And shocking and rocking, and darting and parting, and threading and spreading, and whizzing and hissing…”. In short: a hypnotic performance.


Maarten Buyl - concept & implementation, electronics & surround
Naomi Beeldens, - soprano
Vincent Caers - percussion
Lars Morren - sound engineer
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen Children’s Choir (recording)

20:30 — 22:00

Nona arts centre - golden hall
Begijnenstraat 27


50% expedition
50% clatter


16 euros (under 26: 12 euros)

In partnership with nona arts centre