De Monte with blue notes

Didier François, Michel Bisceglia & Utopia

Didier François and Michel Bisceglia sprinkle Philippus De Monte’s mass Si Ambulavero with blue notes. Early music combines with jazz in this unconventional adventure. De Monte’s music is catapulted towards the 22nd century with piano, drums, nyckelharpa, two viols and the six singers of Utopia.


Ensemble Utopia
Michaela Riener - mezzo
Bart Uvyn - countertenor
Adriaan De Koster - tenor
Jan Van Elsacker - tenor
Lieven Termont - bariton
Guillaume Orly - bass

Michel Bisceglia - piano
Marc Lehan - drums
Romina Lischka - viol
Thomas Baeté - viol
Didier François - nyckelharpa

20:00 — 21:00

50% jazz
50% early music

Free & online concert
View the concert at 8 pm via the YouTube channel of Didier François.

Listen to the playlist of this concert here: