Hear the voice!

The Karma Project

Under the intriguing, metaphorical name The Karma Project, Michael Popp and Sigrid Hausen have brought together a group of exceptional musicians, singers and performers for the première of Hear the Voice!, a directed concert inspired by the Indian Mahabharata. In musical terms, Hausen and Popp seek out both polyphonic and dark, gothic sounds, combining the invocatory tones of Indian musical instruments with singing and electronic soundscapes. Hear The Voice! promises to be an experience on multiple levels, in a category of its own.


Michael Popp – voice, saz, tar, dilruba, santur, vielle and general music director
Sigrid Hausen (Syrah) – voice, Indian harmonium, flutes
Saurabh Vartak - bansuri
Mohit Karle – Indian singing
Naranbaatar Purevdorj - overtone singing, horsehead fiddle
Ravi Srinivasan - tabla, percussion
Ernst Schwindl – Indian harmonium, hurdy-gurdy
Hans Schanderl - cello, santur
Sascha Gotowtschikow – percussion

Patrick Nellessen – actor
Mirjam Plank – contemporary dance, performance
Ioanna Srinivasan - kathak dance
Björn Ross - visuals, lighting design
Luis Lüps – scenic direction, outside eye
Christian Baumann – voice of Krishna
Sebastian Gattner –
sound design

20:30 — 21:30

City theatre
Keizerstraat 3


40% enchantment
30% India
30% dance

Tickets: 20 euros (under 26: 12 euros)

In partnership with Mechelen Cultural Centre