Loopwork & A History of the Voice (double bill)

Kamikamka & HYOID

Repetition or looping has long been a hallmark of vocal artist Ine Claes' sound language. In her project LOOPWORK, she zooms in on just that one element to explore it from different starting points. She also enjoys bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds. With vocalists Els Mondelaers and François Vaiana and drummer-percussionist João Lobo, she creates an ensemble of diversity and goes in search of what binds them, a search for common ground through the basic idea of the loop. LOOPWORK travels from minimalism to dense groove to peculiarly eclectic worlds, through dreamy soundscapes that excite the listener's imagination.

A History of the Voice is a crazy composition by Jennifer Walshe. It rattles through the history of the voice at breakneck speed, with questions exploding like fireworks. Why do questions and answers matter? Why does everyone need to shout PARTY!? Why should everyone in the audience start talking to Siri right now? And what is all that moaning about in Je t’aime, moi non plus? The HYOID ensemble commissioned this work from the composer and turned it into their signature piece in no time at all. This is a vocal journey you have to experience live at least once in your life.


Els Mondelaers, François Vaiana - voice
João Lobo - percussion
Ine Claes - concept, compositionand voice

A History of the Voice

Els Mondelaers, Fabienne Seveillac, Andreas Halling, Tiemo Wang - voice
Wannes Gonnissen - sound engineer

20:30 — 22:30

Nona arts centre - golden hall
Begijnenstraat 27


85% voice
15% humour

In partnership with nona arts centre

TICKETS (one ticket for both performances)

16 euros (under 26: 12 euros)