Mi´kmaq moon ritual

Kiya Tabassian, Darlene Gijuminag , Hamin Honari

Singer-songwriter and percussionist Darlene Gijuminag was born in Gesgapegiag. At the age of seven, she heard the legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie sing. Since then, she has also devoted her life to music, whilst being intensively concerned with the traditions and spirituality of Mi’kmaq culture. The Mi’kmaq are one of the Canadian First Nations. Darlene Gijuminag has consented to perform a one-off moon ritual during Lunalia. Obviously, it will be on a Mo(o)nday.

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Darlene Gijuminag, Mi’kmaq drums and voices
Kiya Tabassian, setar
Hamin Honari, percussion

20:15 — 21:30

Cultural Centre Mechelen


100% power of the full moon

Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

In partnership with
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

18 euro (-26: 12 euro)