Millennial History

Andrea Voets, Luke Deane, Sarah Jeffery, Catinca Draganescu

In Millennial History, we relive impactful moments in recent history through the eyes of millennials, who were there when it happened. In interviews with musical journalist Andrea Voets, they reflect on the far-reaching consequences of the events on their lives & societies. The conversations centre around the ‘deep story’: the reality as they experienced it back then, as children.

The project covers the murder of anti-mafia judge Giovani Falcone on Sicily, the Troubles in Northern-Ireland, the ‘Children of the Decree’ of Ceausescu in Romania and Change and Unification in East-Germany.

Against a backdrop of real danger and profound change, ten millennials have to forge a completely new reality by embracing contradictions, confrontations and moral complexity. They show us the way towards living an intense life: driven by the will to fight for each other, with lots of love and care.


Andrea Voets - concept, musical journalism, harp, voice, composition
Luke Deane - keyboards and electronics, voice, composition
Sarah Jeffery - recorders, voice composition
Catinca Drăgănescu - dramaturge and director

20:30 — 22:00

Nona arts centre - old hall
Begijnenstraat 19


50% documentary
50% concert

In partnership with nona arts centre


16 euros (under 26: 12 euros)