HERMESensemble & Catalina Vicens

The widely acclaimed musician Catalina Vincens, video artist Kurt D’Haeseleer and HERMESensemble are joining forces in Moira, a project that bears the name of the ancient Greek goddess of fate. The starting point is the famous fourteenth-century Apocalypse Tapestry at the Château d’Angers. Fragments of the tapestry are transformed into video art which, in turn, connects new music by Daan Janssens to the music of composers such as Orlandus Lassus.

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Concept Koen Kessels

Video concept & realisation Kurt D'Haeseleer

Musical direction Stijn Saveniers

Musical realization

Catalina Vicens & HERMESensemble
Stijn Saveniers (musical direction)

Catalina Vicens (organetto)
Mireille Capelle (mezzo)
Karin de Fleyt (flute)
Peter Merckx (bass clarinet & electronics)
Marc Tooten (viola)
Antoine Maisdonhaute (violin)
Jeanne Maisonhaute (cello)
Geert Callaert (piano)
Gaetan La Mela (percussion)

Composition [incipits]

Daan Janssens

Additional improvisations and codas based on Orlandus Lassus (1532-1594) - Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes

Sound and mix

Bart Celis


Kevin Voets

20:15 — 21:30

Cultural Centre Mechelen


30% weaving
20% apocalypse
20% fate
30% video art

Cultural center Mechelen - Church

16 euros (-26: 12 euro)

This concert will be recorded by Klara and broadcasted during Klara LAB on May 21th at 20h30.