Musica Divina

Zeder, Lieselot De Wilde, Sofie Van den Eynde


In 1571, exactly 450 years ago, the Archduke Charles II married Maria Anna of Bavaria. They commissioned three royal chapels to perform at their wedding, led by Orlando di Lasso, Philippe de Monte and Annibale Padovano respectively. The Zeder consort’s programme is a musical impression of the wedding. The starting point is the collection of madrigals published by Pierre Phalèse in 1588, entitled Musica Divina. With compositions by De Monte as well as music by Lasso, Ferrabosco and De Rore, you may indeed expect heavenly music.

Katelijne Lanneau - recorder
Ines Rasbach - recorder
Antonie Schlegel - recorder
Tomma Wessel - recorder
Sofie Vanden Eynde - lute
Lieselot De Wilde - soprano

20:15 — 21:15

Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, Onder-den-toren 12, Mechelen

50% heavenly music
50% recorder

Listen to this concert on June 2 at 8 PM via Radio Klara

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