NOISENOISENOISE: Evi Filippou & Aya Suzuki

Evi Filippou, from Greece, studied in Germany. Aya Suzuki, from Japan, has studied with musicians including the world-famous marimba player Keiko Abe, ultimately completing her training in Belgium. Both percussionists are exceptionally talented, and it is no coincidence that they graduated with excellent grades. Now they are rising stars in Europe and the rest of the world. Each of them will play a solo, then end their concert for NOISENOISENOISE with an improvisation together. It will be the first time these young titans have made music together. Expect nuclear fusion in sound.

Evi Filippou, percussion
Aya Suzuki, percussion

20:30 — 21:30

Nona arts centre - golden hall
Begijnenstraat 27


100 % percussion

Kunstencentrum nona

In partnership with
Kunstencentrum nona

16 euro (-26: 12 euro)