On Solitude - extra concert

Thomas Baeté

All through the ages, artists had an intense and sometimes troublesome rapport with solitude and loneliness. As much as they have been attracted by the inspiration and concentration that solitude can provide, they have in an equal urge been running away from the exclusion and loneliness that came with their art. Musicians especially have always lead their lives between the many solitary hours of practice, the lonely miles of the road, and, on the other side, the need for fellow-musicians and audiences to share their art with. Mixed with a handful of spoken fragments, this eclectic programme of songs and viol music spans 9 centuries of reflections on solitude.

11:00 — 12:15

Manufactuur De Wit
Schoutetstraat 7
2800 Mechelen


50% loneliness
50% togetherness

16 euros (under 26: 12 euros)