PAST >| ORALE - 21:00


The question of what our society will be like in the future was familiar to Ludwig van Beethoven as well. He would surely have been fascinated by today’s climate issues. Zefiro Torna takes a new look at Ludwig van Beethoven’s repertoire linked to the theme of nature versus humanity, society and science, from his Symphony in F major, the Pastoral Symphony, to the song cycle An die ferne Geliebte. Zefiro Torna has teamed up for this project with SEAD, an international transdisciplinary network of artists, scientists, engineers and activists. PAST >| ORALE is an installation concert in which computers, plants and humans enter into a symbiotic relationship. A revolutionary concert based on the work of a revolutionary composer.


Zefiro Torna
Birsen Uçar (singer Hydrogen Sea, writer, philosopher), voice, performance
Mathis Van Cleynenbreugel, tenor
Jurgen De bruyn, lyra guitar, mandoline, lute, electronics, concept, artistic direction
Benjamin Glorieux, cello, electronics
Pak Yan Lau toy, pianos, electronics, trash synths
Frederik Croene, piano démécanisé
Yannick Willox, sound engineer

SEADS Network
Pieter Steyaert, installation

21:00 — 22:00

Church of St. Peter and Paul
Keizerstraat 1

50% nature
50% culture

In partnership with
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

18 euro

Due to the limited capacity for cultural events, this concert is now sold out. But you can always subscribe to a waiting list by e-mail to As soon as places become available, we will notify you.