Unity in Diversity - The European Lute Song Project

Zefiro Torna

In the context of the Belgian presidency of the European Union in 2024, Zefiro Torna has initiated the European participative project Unity in Diversity. The ensemble has invited three singers and three lute players from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds to find a shared musical language through intercultural dialogue and experiment. Monodic and polyphonic singing and instrumental music are the starting point and outcome of this dialogue. The music refers to social events, religious rites, economic circumstances and dramatic historical events that have helped to constitute the DNA of European identity.

View the program booklet here.

Lore Binon, vocals
Elly Aerden, vocals
Christos Barbas, vocals, ney, lavta
Vittoria Pagani, sarod, vocals
Alon Sariel, mandolin, arch lute, artistic advice
Jurgen De bruyn, arch lute, colascione, artistic coordination

20:15 — 21:30

Church of St. Peter and Paul
Keizerstraat 1


30% lute
30% singing
40% dialogue

St. Peter and Paul Church

20 euro (-26: 12 euro)