Vienna Moonlight


In the city of the Maneblussers, one particular work by Ludwig van Beethoven must be heard regularly: the Moonlight Sonata. None other than Jos van Immerseel will perform this piece and other works for piano from Beethoven’s first Viennese period. In 1804, Beethoven was still only in his 30s but had already written more than half of his works for piano. He composed the piece for a five-octave Viennese grand, and the concert will also be performed on a magnificent facsimile of a five-octave grand piano from Vienna made by Christopher Clarke in 1988.


Jos van Immerseel, piano

20:15 — 21:30

Church of St. Peter and Paul
Keizerstraat 1


Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonate (9) op. 14/1 E Sonate (14) op. 27/2 cis (Mondschein) - Rondo op. 51/2 G - Sonate (18) op. 31/3 Es


18 euro (-26: 12 euro)

Due to the limited capacity for cultural events, this concert is now sold out. But you can always subscribe to a waiting list by e-mail to As soon as places become available, we will notify you.