William Blake Visionary

Van Mechelen - Ceuppens - Spinette

The multitalented William Blake was surely one of the most intriguing figures in 18th century England. A poet, writer, engraver, draughtsman, painter, visionary, mystic, revolutionary, symbolist, socialist and unconventional provocateur: Blake was all of these. He is also the starting point for an exceptional recital. With songs to texts by Blake composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Lucien Posman and Annelies Van Parys, as well as a creation by Heleen Van Haegenborgh.


Reinoud Van Mechelen - tenor
Kristien Ceuppens - oboe
Inge Spinette - piano

20:15 — 21:15

Church of St. Peter and Paul
Keizerstraat 1


50% mysticism
30% oboe
20% for connoisseurs


20 euros (under 26: 12 euros)


B. Britten: “Pan” from Six Metamorphoses after Ovid for oboe solo
R. Vaughan-Williams “The Sheperd” and “Ah! Sun-Flower” from Ten Blake Songs for voice and oboe
B. Britten “Sunflower” and “Tiger” from Songs and Proverb of William Blake for voice and piano
B. Britten “Two Insect pieces: The Grashopper and The Wasp” for oboe and piano
R. Vaughan-Williams: “London” from Ten Blake Songs for voice and oboe
B. Britten: “The Sally Gardens”, “Last Rose of Summer” and “The Lincolnshire poacher” from Folksongs for voice and piano
R. Vaughan Williams: “Lento, Andante Tranquillo en Allegro Vivace” from Six studies in English folksong for english horn and piano
R. Vaughan -Williams: “The piper” from Ten Blake Songs for voice and oboe
L. Posman: “The Lilly” and “Ah Sunflower” from de Songs of Experience for tenor, oboe and piano
H. Van Haegenborgh: “But in the Wine-Presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor dance” for oboe d’amore, voice , piano
A. Van Parys “Sunflower” and “Tiger” for tenor, english horn and piano
B. Britten: “She sleeps on soft, last breaths” from nocturne opus 60 for tenor, english horn and piano
R. Vaughan-Williams: ”The divine Image” and “Eternity” from Ten Blake Songs for voice and oboe