​Save the date for LUNALIA 2021

These days the brochure for LUNALIA 2021 falls in the letterbox. This year with a slightly different structure. Because after the hellish ride in 2020, many uncertainties will remain in 2021. But we are more convinced than ever that music is of inestimable value to our well-being. This year, the music of Philippus de Monte is the central theme of Lunalia, exactly 500 years after this enigmatic composer was born in Mechelen.

We are pleased and honored that Graindelavoix and Ratas del viejo Mundo, among others, took up the challenge to revive De Monte's oeuvre. But before the music sounds, this brochure is a first step towards putting Mechelen's greatest musical son in the spotlight. We hope that she will find her way to your library and your listening heart and will not end up in the trash. The two new texts by Peter Van Heyghen and Björn Schmelzer provide an immensely fascinating insight into the world of Philippus de Monte. Both ask themselves the question of the relevance of his music in his and our time. Their answers may make you want to (re) discover this composer with us. We would like to welcome you for this discovery during Lunalia, from April 24 to May 8 in Mechelen.

The complete program will be announced on March 2 at www.lunalia.be.

You can read the brochure digitally here.
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