DUOBAAN XL is an artists’ collective consisting of Anneleen De Causmaecker (visual artist), Barbara Ardenois (accordionist) and Marieke De Maré (writer). They explore the boundaries of music and performance, image and sound, always with a touch of poetry. Their work is small, compact, close to the audience, tantalising and a little bit madcap. They play, speak and make things... and they love marbles.
Especially for LUNALIA, they have conducted their own quirky investigation into the true meaning of the festival motto, THE SOUND OF M. They set off through the streets of Mechelen, artistic antennae a-twitching, in search of Ms and mmmms. Their search took them to unusual places and equally unusual people. You can view and listen tot the result here.
DUOBAAN XL can also be admired live during LUNALIA LIFT OFF on April 27, 2019. You can find all the information here.