Beethoven Bubbles - summer

31 July – 2 August 2020

UPDATE: Due to the stricter measures of the City of Mechelen, the Beethoven Bubbels concerts will be rescheduled to autumn. Click here for more information.

Lunalia has pledged to bring Beethoven to the moon in 2020 and promise is a promise. With Beethoven Bubbels, a three-day full of music by the grandmaster, the Beethoven year is still festively celebrated in the city of the Maneblussers. Mechelen has a special bond with Ludwig van Beethoven. The young Beethoven’s grandfather from Mechelen was the first professional musician in the family. You might say the music that made the name Beethoven world famous began right here, in the city of Mechelen. Rediscover Beethoven in the city of his ancestors!